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Tailored sales coaching developed with your sales

needs in mind!

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Sales coaching that’s tailored to you!

You’ll get your own  tailored sales coaching program designed for your needs
Need a little support? Answers to extra questions? You’re not alone in our sales coaching support group!
The option to book me to come into your company and coach your sales team directly
Nothing you will be coached in is unachievable – because this sales coaching is as unique as you are.

Meet Susan

You’ll love my tailored sales coaching. When you book, you’ll have a 1-2-1 session with me, and there we will put together your, unique program.
We’ll speak once a month (6 calls including the first call) and iron out anything you’re struggling with.

You’ll love how after your tailored sales training is completed, that you have the option for ongoing, monthly support – you know you’ll never feel the need to cry about sales again!

I hired Susan to lead our sales training. As the project meant a lot to me, I was determined to provide a great experience for my team and spent quite a bit of time scouting for the right person.

From the start, the conversation with Susan flowed very naturally; she was engaged and personal. Susan understood my need for involvement and guided me to a place of trust and delegation. I felt we chose each other and for that reason her commitment to success was equal to mine. The sales team were a tough bunch with 5 nationalities, mixed seniority levels and quite a bit of an attitude. However, Susan achieved our objectives, with passion and responsibility. Eventually the team begun to understand and appreciate the approach she asked them to follow.

The prep work was thorough and the team were provided with a clear method, supporting sales handbook and plenty of coaching as follow up. Thank you Susan! Claudia Collu

Digital Strategist

 Questions About Sales Coaching?

What is Sales Coaching?

Sales are the life source of any business. Salespeople are the heart. They are people who talk to other people day in, day out. Sales coaching is what helps the salespeople increase their skills, their performance and stay motivated. 

Will Sales Coaching Give Me Confidence?

Yes! Salespeople are often seen as confident, but deep down they’re sensitive and need regular motivational top-ups. 

How Do I Know If I Need Sales Coaching?

Good question and thank you for asking. As a salesperson, you might find that you want to achieve more. this is a sign that you need sales coaching. You might decide that you want more consistent commissions. This is a sign you need sales coaching. You might think that you want to understand the components of selling so you can increase your career opportunities. The most common feeling is restlessness. You’re not quite sure of why you feel this way you just want something more.

How Do I Book Sales Coaching?

At the top of the page you’ll see a section called “Engage” Click this. Then book a 20 minute session. I’ll be happy to have a chat with you about your needs.

Is Sales Coaching Expensive?

An investment in yourself, in your skills is never expensive. It’s also something you can invest in stages. You might decide to book some sales training first to see if you like my style (most people do, but you want to find out for yourself). You then decide the next stage is to work with me for coaching. Other sales people who want rapid results jump straight to the sales coaching option. 

Who Pays For Sales Coaching?

Often companies give their sales teams a development allowance. Some companies contact me to book a package for their salespeople, and other sales personnel come to me directly. They all understand that when a salesperson persons better then everyone earns more. Check with your line manager if you can put your sales training on expenses. 

Why Do I Need a Sales Coach?

Sales coaching is about increasing your performance. It’s about streamlining your sales process, eliminating blocks and distractions so that you can earn more, and have more of what you want in your life. If you’re not achieving your potential then book in a cal.

What if ny Business Has Never Hired a Sales Coach Before?

If coaching isn’t part of your business culture, and you’d like to develop your sales teams further, then we can help you with this. Sales coaching isn’t a scary provess. In fact, you’ll find it beneficial as part of your support system. You’ll also find you increase staff retention, that your team is more cohesive and that bringing in a sales coach is brilliant. However, it can be a difficult move to process if your team aren’t used to it. Don’t worry, we will help support your sales people through the transition.