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Not all sales people are turned on by money!

Susan Marot won a Jaguar XKR for being top at DHL

Susan Marot won a Jaguar XKR for being top at DHL UK

Most businesses assume that sales people are always motivated by money. They believe that by offering a stellar commission package rewarding them with big bucks, that they will supply the goods.

Not always the case. Take me for example.

I’ve worked for several large companies, many with amazing open-ended commission plans. In one case my monthly payslip was big enough for a house deposit! However, what motivated me in that instance was beating my male colleagues to become the number one sales person in the team.

It wasn’t really about the money!

So if the leaders had worked out what motivated us all that bit sooner, do you think they could have achieved a better result from the team, and quicker?

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How to motivate your sales people

A really good sales orientated business will usually find what works for the majority of people involved in selling and have an incentive scheme in place that motivates as many as possible. The best sales leaders focus in on the following to ensure their sales people deliver month on month, year on year.

Create winning teams that support each other to deliver maximum results

Make commission the driving force that gets all the team motivated to do well

Build in peer pressure to drive healthy competition

Get the whole company behind the sale to support and achieve success

Find out what motivates members of the team and include within the incentive scheme

Keep it fresh so sales staff are content that their needs will be addressed regularly

Does it work?

At DHL Express I was well known for my love of performance driving, always specifying the engine with the most bhp over the leather seat option favored by colleagues. So at one sales meeting I suggested that as the company bought so many vehicles that why not ask the manufacturer for a high specification sports car to use as an incentive to the sales force.

Several months later, imagine my surprise when I received an email from the UK sales director saying I was the number 1 rep out of 200 sales people and which car would I like to choose from the Ford group.

Now you might not think that too exciting until you hear that this was pre 2008 and Ford still owned Jaguar. A few weeks later I picked up a brand new Jaguar XKR complete with 400 horses under the bonnet and immediately became the envy of my colleagues.

I earned a lot more than my boss that year, but it was the Jaguar XKR that really got me motivated to be the best.

Now you might think that it is different for small business owners who may only have one sales person. Not really as the principals are exactly the same. It is just a question of scale.

Take ownership

However, sales people need to consider for themselves what they can do to get motivated. Those business people who need to sell should not always rely on the boss to create a motivating environment.

When the sales person is also the boss then it becomes a very interesting situation indeed. For more on personal motivation check out my 7 top tips to keep you heading in the right direction.