Personalised coaching and mentoring

Require some one to one support?

Our coaching and mentoring programs are tailored to each clients requirements to ensure quick results.

Susan Marot uses her vast experience of sales situations to get the very best results for our coaching clients. Challenging customers to look closely at how they can maximize their strengths and address their weaknesses, Susan brings them to the point where they are not only achieving the sales results they know to be possible, but exceeding them.

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“Susan Marot proved to be an excellently engaging speaker and all round great girl! Everyone in the room was able to get something from what she had to say, I know I certainly did.”

Ian Stephens, Franchise Business Owner

Group Training

Require some one to one support?

Classroom based training is an excellent way of imparting the knowledge of how to sell. Susan takes a facilitative approach to training so that delegates quickly understand what they need to do to maximize every sales opportunity in a non pushy manner.

Fun and varied, Susan’s approach not only transfers her sales knowledge clearly, she also inspires confidence in those attending. However, Susan always makes sure that everyone understand the importance of accountability to their business as well as themselves.

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“Susan has a fantastic ability to engage and involve people in the training, ensuring they get the most possible from the time. And she really, really knows her stuff!”

Craig Pearson, Head of Commercial Development

Motivational speaker for your event

If you need a speaker for your event that can talk confidently on the subject of selling, then you really could not do much better than engaging Susan Marot. Using real life examples to embed her message, her 30 years of face to face sales experience shines through in every word.

Entertaining and extremely honest in her approach, Susan shares some of the tips and techniques she has used to be consistently in the top 5% of sales people. Happy to deliver in front of hundreds of people, Susan is never happier than answering sales questions off the cuff and begs for the most difficult questions to be asked.

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“Susan was able to portray sales in a way that I have never seen before using the process of selling as the key to success ”

Suzanne Smith, Managing Director

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