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How to make more money from cold calling

The tried and tested 7 Step method to cold calling success FACT – Cold calling works! I have been cold calling since 1986 (1982 if you count my time as an Avon girl in my local village) and I reckon I have knocked up close to 20,000 face to face cold calls and almost...

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How to achieve SMART goals AND become a sales success

SMART goals mean big business Now I'm guessing you've heard of SMART goals or SMART objectives. You might also know what SMART stands for. However, hand on heart time, do you honestly use the principals behind SMART to achieve your sales goals? Do you really? You see...

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How to increase profits by paying more to women in sales

Why you should hire more women and what you need to do to attract them to your business What started out as a short post for International Womens Day 2019 in line with their theme of #balanceforbetter, has turned into something with a mind of it’s own. The benefits of...

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Improve your MAN hunting immediately to win BIG sales

Target your sales activity to get in front of the MAN OK I am a sales professional, not a dating expert. Far from it! However I know that MAN hunting is the one sport in selling successfully that you need to master to win big sales. It is well known that the higher up...

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How Assuming Your Customers Needs Will Kill The Sale

The one big thing you must do BEFORE you start selling Sales people often ask me what I do to prepare before I either visit a client, or call them. From colleagues in the past, to 1 to 1 clients now they have all seen me close a lot of sales and want to know how I am...

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7 reasons why you should cold call a prospect

Cold call a prospect correctly and your sales will skyrocket Now let me make one thing perfectly clear. I have been doing this for years. I know that when you cold call a prospect you will have an excellent tool in your sales kit bag. Trust me, when you pick up the...

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Selling shouldn’t be something that you’re bullied into or cry about. Here at Succeed At Selling, I’ll show you how to Get the Meeting and Love Selling.