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Why are you afraid of a successful sales woman?

How a successful sales woman can overcome her fears I have been bullied quite a few times during my career in sales. For a long time, I wondered if I was the problem as it was what my bullies kept telling me. “You really think you are something you’re are not” -...

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How I survived my sales bully

Are you a salesperson that's been bullied? I have been meaning to write about my experience of bullying in sales for a long time. For many years I struggled to even talk about it to friends and family, without feeling all the hurt and pain again. If you're a...

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How to boost your sales by showing more respect!

Boost your sales by listening to Aretha Franklin Have you ever wondered why you struggle to really engage or click with a prospect? Some customers you bond with and others…well it’s just too hard isn’t it. Everyone knows that having a great relationship is key to...

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How women can overcome a fear of selling in 7 Easy Steps

How to sell with confidence, without being pushy! “Sell………..…me??????” It has been a long time since these two little words went off in my head. Well over 35 years to be exact, but most of us have at some time or another seriously questioned if we were cut out to...

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7 Step Process to preparing a successful seasonal sale

How to make more money from your promotional sale Black Friday, Cyber Monday, post-Christmas and Easter are just a few of the dates that are highlighted in every big shopper’s calendar. Billions of products are sold on-line or in stores creating a massive opportunity...

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How to make more money from cold calling

The tried and tested 7 Step method to cold calling success FACT – Cold calling works! I have been cold calling since 1986 (1982 if you count my time as an Avon girl in my local village) and I reckon I have knocked up close to 20,000 face to face cold calls and almost...

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The Secret To Qualifying Prospects In a Way They’ll Love

What if there’s fast and fun way to “qualify” your prospects? (Without making them feeling like they’re being measured up?). Would you be interested? Of course you would, that’s why you’re here. Have you thought about creating a marketing quiz? You’ve marketed your...

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About Succeed At Selling

Selling shouldn’t be something that you’re bullied into or cry about. Here at Succeed At Selling, I’ll show you how to Get the Meeting and Love Selling.