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If you want to make more money then don’t forget your P’s and Q’s

There is absolutely no way you can fail to increase sales if you are polite. Now I don’t mean a nicey, nicey, cringeworthy type of polite. I just mean basic good manners with a huge dollop of friendliness.

Stop and think for a minute.

When have you ever enjoyed buying from someone who wasn’t smiling?

Have you ever tipped a waitress whose abrupt manner turned you right off your food?

Please don’t tell me that you find the McDonalds “Have a nice day” a tiny bit annoying!

Politeness comes in many forms, and the more you use the more money you will make.

Why you need to be polite

At the end of the day, you are asking someone to part with their hard earned money. Even a buyer for a large organisation has to demonstrate good value for money and politeness will aid their decision.

However, I am sure we have all come across sales people who are abrupt, surly or just downright rude. Yes these pushy sales people increase sales and make money, but not for long. Being inconsiderate when selling is simply not sustainable for any business.

However not everyone realises that they are coming across in an unflattering way.

Take my Doctor

He was painfully shy so never really looked you in the eye, so some of my friends found it difficult to talk to him about how they felt. I knew how lovely he really was as I had watched him treat my mother, but my friends had mistaken his shyness for rudeness.

This total misunderstanding meant that my doctor was simply not trusted by some of his patients. If applied to a sales context then this would be very costly mistake for a business to make.

Increase sales with these 5 polite tips

The Smiling rules

Smile when you introduce yourself.

Smile when you present your solution.

Smile when you ask for the business.

Smile when you get the business.

Don’t smile when handling objections.

Use please

The word please is a really interesting one as you need to handle it in the right way. Too much and it can make you appear a bit slimy, not enough and at best you could come across as arrogant.

Research your client

Getting the facts right about your client is key, so do your research. Even a simple mistake like getting a name wrong can mean a big difference between success and failure.

You Factor

Ensure the whole meeting is all about your client and not about you. Relate everything in your presentation to their wants and needs. Not what you think they should be.

Prospects don’t want to know where you went on holiday, but they do want to know how you will solve their problems.

Say thank you

Again like please, using thank you too much can be overpowering. However, always, always, always use it before you leave a client and never forget to thank a client for their business. Quite often a client has made a big decision to invest in you and it is so important to show your appreciation.

There are two buts

First you need to consider your client’s culture and adjust appropriately. If they take protocol very seriously then good manners will definitely be high on their agenda.

Different nationalities handle business etiquette differently too. For example the Spanish rarely use the word for please, which for us Brits can come across as quite rude. Make sure you adjust your approach to reduce a similar culture clash.

Secondly, remember to be friendly, but never over step the mark. Money is a serious business, so presenting a level of professionalism is key to prove you are worth the money you are asking for. Rapport building is essential, but you don’t need to end up becoming best buddies to win the business.

The 3 Pillars of Sales Success

Being polite and friendly is key to achieving sales success to increasing your sales to make more money. Used correctly it will help you to address the three pillars of sales success.

Knowledge to sell successfully

Confidence to sell successfully

Accountability to sell successfully

If you struggle to increase sales and make more money then it may be that you need to focus your effort on one or more of these three elements. Apply now for a FREE sales acceleration call, which I guarantee will leave you clear as to what you need to do to be the success at selling you need to be.