Succeed at Selling was founded by Susan Marot to help non sales people learn how to sell. Her passion for selling has helped hundreds of people to learn how to sell, but what motivates her to share that skill with clients?

Fast cars, travel and good food has always played a part in inspiring Susan to sell and make money, but its not everything. We asked Susan to explain why she created Succeed at Selling and what makes her tick.

Hi I’m Susan…

I love to work with anyone who thinks they can’t sell or struggles to make money from selling. I show them how easy the sales process is so they can become more successful at selling and increase their earning potential.

I wanted to share the tools and techniques that I have been using for over 30 years to a wider audience of clients so they too can convert more prospects into happily paying customers, but without being pushy. This is why I created Succeed at Selling, as a way of helping non-sales people to learn from my extensive success, as well as my many failures.

I really love selling, but I bet you are asking what my credentials are

  • First started selling Avon products door to door in my local village when I was only 14 years old.
  • I’ve sold both products and services, surprising most people as I consider the latter to be the easiest to sell.
  • From high-ticket low volume services to low-ticket high volume products, I’ve closed deals from a few dollars right up to multi million pound contracts.
  • I’ve successfully sold within the B2B environment as well as the public sector and direct to the consumer.
  • Won numerous prizes including a weekend shopping trip to New York, and even a Jaguar XKR sports car.
  • Trained by some of the world’s best blue chip companies including DHL, IBM, Tack International, Lyreco, Shipley, Canon, Xerox and Pareto.
  • Except for my academic sister, I come from a long line of sales people, however I passionately believe that anyone can learn to sell successfully, no matter what their background.

Some interesting facts
about Susan’s career


Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management


Inaugural winner of the DHL Executive Club


Regional Vice chair of the Federation of Small Business Owners


Regularly written for Winning Edge, the ISMM’s magazine for sales professionals

Susan Beyond Sales…

When I’m not delivering amazing results for my clients (their words not mine) I also work alongside my husband Mike in his motorsport business. We help our clients to drive their cars smoother and faster in the safe learning environment of a race circuit. Mike also tests cars for motor manufacturers and is regularly asked to show case their vehicles potential to clients.

Everyone knows that the winter weather in the UK can be a little cold and damp, which is not great for motorsport instruction. Therefore we spend most of the winter months in the beautiful Spanish countryside working for European clients. It certainly can be a juggling act trying to get our diaries to match, but we both love what we do so try our best to work together whenever possible.

We are a great team and selling successfully has helped us to create the lifestyle we have always dreamed about. We love to explore new places, try different food, listen to a variety of languages being spoken, observe different cultures, but most of all we love to meet new people.

Many of my clients want to do that too so my aim is to help them sell more successfully and get nearer to a level of financial freedom that creates a more flexible work life balance.

It’s Simple Really!

“My non pushy approach to selling is very effective and I believe it’s the easiest to learn too. I am passionate about sharing my message as far and wide as I possibly can!”

Susan Marot FInstSMM

If you are dying to know a bit more, then here are a few things that only my friends and family know about me. Well, until I just shared them with you.

  • I love cooking and currently I’m trying to master the wood oven in my BBQ, but I’m getting through a lot of wood.
  • My Labrador dog Bailey is the other love of my life, except for when he runs off!
  • I used to sing soprano and play the French Horn (not at the same time I may add), but am now happy to satisfy my love of music by singing along to lots of pop music VERY LOUDLY!
  • My addiction to performance driving in my sports car comes from my childhood love of horse riding and galloping fast through the fields near my home in rural Lincolnshire.
  • People think my foreign language skills are better than what they really are, which is probably down to my extensive use of Google Translate.
  • I really enjoy riding pillion on the back of Mike’s motorbike, but I don’t enjoy being limited to what I can get in the tiny panniers.
  • At my 30 year high school reunion it was unanimously agreed that I was the most changed girl in our year. From being painfully shy, everyone was surprised to learn that I fearlessly stand up on a regular basis in front of hundreds of people doing a question and answer session off the cuff!
Bailey Marot aka "The Lord"

I do hope we get to work together so I can help you to sell successfully too. Every month I randomly select 10 people who have completed the form below, for a free sales strategy session with me. So why not complete the form below for the chance to get an hour of my time so I can help you to succeed at selling.

Remember, selling is just a process that you need to learn and practice, so let me show you how.

Warmest regards,


Want to ask me something about selling or your sales performance? Then drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you.

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