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How 7 steps of the B2B sales process will make you more money
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Miss any steps out and your B2B sales process will fail

If I had a pound coin for every time I was asked about the sales process, I would be one very rich girl. I am constantly being asked to advise and improve the sales process of organisations from one man bands to world renown brands.

The sales process is the same for each and every business. It is incredibly simple too. But why is it that many people fail to implement the sales process effectively into their business?

Because they leave bits out!

Beware of leaving out any steps of the sales process

First of all, let me define what I believe the sales process to be.

“The last step in the chain of commerce where a buyer exchanges cash for a seller’s goods or services, or the activity of trying to bring this about”

At the end of the day, selling is about this exchange of money or the process of making that happen. If you are not doing something towards achieving that goal then you are not selling and you certainly won’t make any money.

For me, this means that the person responsible for selling influences that decision by following the sales process coupled with a creative engaging approach. A sales professional knows this process inside out and back to front. They will never miss a step out if they can help it. They know that if they do they will fail to sell and fail to make money.

Someone like a small business owner could do worse than copying what top salespeople do and follow the process religiously. Following the B2B sales process correctly will not turn you into a pushy salesperson, just a good one.

Let’s compare it to baking a cake. If you mix the ingredients in the wrong order, or even miss something out altogether, then your cake just won’t look like the one in the recipe book. It will probably represent a pancake!

It is the same with the B2B sales process. Miss a step out or deliver the process ineffectively and you will struggle to close the business and make money.

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The 7 steps of the B2B sales process

Preparation – Research, planning and preparing to sell are the key elements of this step. Strategy is essential to selling and a huge part of this phase is around marketing and what needs to be done before you get in front of a prospect.

Introduction – Whether you are meeting future clients online, over the phone or face to face you still need to get the introduction right in order to gain the prospects permission to continue.

Questioning – Finding out a prospect’s problem is essential to solving their need. Great questions will accelerate this phase immensely.

Presenting – If you don’t manage to find out what the prospect’s problem is then you won’t be able to present a solution. Don’t forget that benefits are what you are presenting and they usually are either financial or emotional.

Objection Handling – You will get these so don’t fear or ignore them. Often based on a misunderstanding or a request for more information, they are easier than you think to overcome.

Closing – If you carry out the previous five steps correctly, then your prospect will give you the business without the need for you to ask for it. If they don’t offer you the business then simply ask them what is stopping them to flush out any objections

Follow Up – The prospect might of said yes, but you still need to follow up and deliver the promise or arrange with them when you will.

7 steps of the B2B sales process infographic

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This process quite naturally becomes cyclical in nature as the follow-up leads into the preparation for the next sale and a repeat of the 7 steps.

Deliver the B2B sales process to the delight of your clients and you will very quickly gain a group of very happy customers who just love doing business with you.

Monitor what works to help you do this and be careful not to miss any steps out each time you complete the process. Any complacency in effectively delivering the steps of the sales process will result in lost business. You have worked so hard to perfect your sales process, don’t let yourself down by missing bits out.

If you want to learn how to deliver each part of the sales process then book a free call here