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Are your sales team underperforming? Burnt out? Thinking of quitting? Spending more time crying in the toilets than making sales? You need Succeed At Selling and Susan Marot to transform your sales team into confident sales superstars
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I help Leaders, Sales teams and Sales Executive Smash their Sales targets

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About Susan Marot

Some salespeople are born with the gift of communication. Great salespeople are trained. Susan knows that sales success is more than great communication, and without training, you’ll never get from good to great.

She knows because when she started selling Avon at 14 she was good. When she was headhunted by other companies, she knew she was great, and so did her company. They tasked her with training their sales teams.



Claudia Collu

I hired Susan to lead our sales training. As the project meant a lot to me, I was determined to provide a great experience for my team and spent quite a bit of time scouting for the right person.

From the start, the conversation with Susan flowed very naturally; she was engaged and personal. Susan understood my need for involvement and guided me to a place of trust and delegation. I felt we chose each other and for that reason her commitment to success was equal to mine. The sales team were a tough bunch with 5 nationalities, mixed seniority levels and quite a bit of an attitude. However, Susan achieved our objectives, with passion and responsibility. Eventually the team begun to understand and appreciate the approach she asked them to follow.

The prep work was thorough and the team were provided with a clear method, supporting sales handbook and plenty of coaching as follow up. Thank you Susan!

Simona Frumen

Working with Susan was a great experience. I was struggling with getting my sales message across and she offered some easy to follow techniques and processes that I found easy to implement and highly effective. Since working with her I now have more focus and structure so I get results that I need a lot quicker. I highly recommend Susan as a coach and mentor.

Alexis Powell-Howard

Susan delivered a morning sales workshop which I attended, right at the beginning of leaving the NHS and making the jump to self-employed and running a business. That afternoon I negotiated my first contract, with an organisation that we have now worked with for 6 years. The information from the workshop was instrumental in securing that initial contract.

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